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What's TGC

One of the Biggest Fashion Festivals in the World!!Announcing the 13th TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION2011 AUTUMN/WINTER

Girls will make Japan bounce back! The theme is Smile For Saturday, September 3, 2011 at SAITAMA SMILE ARENA(SAITAMA SUPER ARENA)The Executive Committee of TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION (Planning/production: F1 MEDIA Inc.) announces that the 13th TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2011 AUTUMN/WINTER (TGC) will be held in SAITAMA SUPER ARENA on Saturday, September 3, 2011.


TGC is a biannual fashion festival of unparalleled scale held since August 2005 under the theme of "bringing Japan's 'real clothes' to the world." TGC not only opens its doors to buyers, journalists, and the fashion industry, but to general consumers who are mainly fashion-conscious F1 population – women from 20 to 34 years old. A total of some 30,200 people attended the 11th TGC 2010 A/W festival last September in SAITAMA SUPER ARENA.
This event does not only aim to be a fashion show to introduce clothes ahead of time as pieces of work, but proposes to showcase Japan's most popular "real clothes" or fashion that can be put to daily use, reflecting the cultural background of Japan, and to do so in such a way that is entertaining. It also offers an opportunity to provide contents related to beauty, music, entertainment, and other elements that reflect the age.
TGC is unique in that it is linked with mobile e-commerce where audiences in the fashion show can purchase clothes donned by models on the runway real time. As such, TGC has become a new type of fashion show – one of the largest fashion show in Japan and an unparalleled event in the world –It is attracting attention in Japan and abroad.

The 13th TGC's theme is Smile For“ ” (smile for brackets)

With the devastation caused by the Great Higashi-Nihon Earthquake of March 11, the TGC, the pioneer of girls' events, asked itself what it could do to help. Our answer is that it is our duty to try and restore hope, courage, and strength to girls, to make everyone smile again. This is why the theme for the 13th TGC is Smile For " " (smile for brackets).
The " " is meant to represent a blank for people to fill in as they see fit. It could be family, someone special, friends, people all over the world, or yourself – the person who you would like to see smile – as well as a thing or event. The theme also carries our hope that girls, who had been hesitant to buy clothes, will remember the magic of shopping – how it makes you smile when you find something cute or wonderful – and enjoy shopping again. Since it is such a difficult period, we are planning many projects to ensure a fabulous day of happiness, so that the 13th TGC will serve as a power spot where girls can glam up and go wild.
Furthermore, SAITAMA SUPER ARENA, in full support of our theme, has kindly agreed to let us use the special name "SAITAMA SMILE ARENA" for this event. Since TGC has been dedicated to "bringing Japan's 'real clothes' to the world," we hope to return the love we received from people around the world after the earthquake by showing the smiles and vigor of girls in Japan. Don't miss Saturday, September 3, 2011, at Saitama Smile Arena, with models, artists, and girls coming to the event sending "Japan's energy" to the world – a TGC full of "smiles"!

TGC supports the earthquake recovery with Tohoku food and drink stalls!

The 13th TGC will have food and drink stalls showcasing the specialties of the Tohoku region to support the recovery from the earthquake. We will engage in support activities in a befitting way, together with the girls coming to the venue. TGC has developed many exclusive products for this event, collaborating with specialties, ingredients, and local companies of the Tohoku region. These will be on sale at a special Tohoku collaboration food stall set up in the venue.
With our know-how accumulated through our efforts in the Regional Industry Revitalization Project, the TGC will support the recovery of industries in the Tohoku region through this initiative, sending the message all over the country.
Furthermore, Maki Okuda (former media producer in charge of PR, Regional Industry Revitalization Project and overseas projects) has been appointed as the Chief Producer of TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION. Thus, the TGC will be expanding its sights overseas more than ever before, sending out the fashion culture and girl power that Japan is proud of, while also contributing even more to the apparel industry and revitalization of regional economies.
With a new organization in place, please look forward to the future activities of TGC with upgraded strength and enhanced power of communications.

The 13th TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION − Program Overview

Date Saturday, September 3rd 2011 Doors open 1:00 pm/Show stars 3:00 pm (scheduled)
the access to the site
Expected number of visitors: Approx. 30,000 in total
Target segment F1 (women ages 20-34)
【Ticket types】
Reserved seat: ¥7,500 (incl. tax)/reserved seat and arena area
※ ¥500 discount for advance reservation by members.
Unreserved seat: ¥5,500 (incl. tax)/unreserved seat and arena area
※ ¥500 discount for advance reservation by members.
Arena Platinum seat  ¥15,000 (incl. tax)/reserved seat and arena area/with special TGC gift
(Special seats in the arena area are back by popular demand!)
Pair seat ¥18,000 (incl. tax/price for two people)/reserved seat and arena area/with special TGC gift
(New exclusive seats in the block in front of the stage.)
【FamilyMart exclusive advance ticket sales for TGC members】 
On sale from Tuesday, July 12, 2011
※Advance ticket sales for girls shopping VIP members and TGC mail magazine subscribers.
Planned to be available to others also.
【Regular ticket sales】
On sale from Saturday, August 6, 2011 while they last
【Details on how to purchase tickets】
Updates to be announced on the official TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION website.
Participating brands CECIL McBEE, Lovedrose&Co., MURUA, URBAN RESARCH,  and others
【Highlight Stage】Rirandture, SERENE Dept. and others
Main models Mayuko Arisue, Mikako Ishii, Emiri, Elena, Seira Kagami, Leyna Kagami, Karina, Midori Kuzuoka, Nozomi Sasaki, SaraMary, Nemi Sumiya, Anna Tsuchiya, Reina Triendl, Nanao, Nanami, Maki Nishiyama, Anna Nose, Maggy, Miyu, Yu Yamada, Ema Rikumori, Chikako Watanabe,  and others
(in order of Japanese alphabet)
※Other spectacular models are also expected to join the lineup.
Program Fashion show, live performances by artists, charity auctions, collaborative shows, and others
Organizer The Executive Committee, TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION
Sponsors Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Japan Tourism Agency, Tokyo Metropolitan Government,
In cooperation with SAITAMA SMILE ARENA (SAITAMA SUPER ARENA) and others
Director DRUMCAN

All information as of June28, 2011. Please note that details are subject to change.