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What's TGC?

〜 Japan's "real clothes" to the World 〜 An unparalleled fashion festival EVER! Announcing the 11th Announcing the 11th TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 〜 Saturday, September 4th 2010 at SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 〜

What's TGC?

 TGC is built around the concept of introducing real Japanese clothes to the world. Since its inception in the summer of 2005, TGC has been held twice a year, and has become a major fashion event that has captured the imagination of stylish, fashion-conscious young women in Japan. The previous event, 2010 Spring/Summer attracted 25,500 visitors. TGC offers a unique blend of the latest fashion trends and live musical performances −performed on stage and displayed on screens, which generate significant media coverage and a tremendous amount of popular interest.

 There are thousands of fashion brands existing in Japanese domestic market, and from children to seniors, every fashion style issues lots of magazines so that Japan is one of the biggest fashion country in the world. The real fashion means the clothing which is able to wear everyday outfits. Also, essentially backed by the consumers and includes cultural context. Therefore, real clothes is the most popular real fashion.

 TGC presents the latest everyday fashions rather than the 'clothes as works of art' format of conventional catwalk shows. Moreover, the main target audience for TGC shows are not fashion industry professionals such as buyers and journalists, but regular female consumers.
In a country with a population of approximately 130 million, over 100 million mobile phones are registered. With a wide variety of original mobile contents, mobile phones are increasingly enforcing its role as an internet tool, becoming an essential communication tool in everyday life. TGC is unique in that it is linked with mobile e-commerce. Women who come to the fashion show can purchase clothes and accessories donned by models on the runway real time, making this event a major online mobile festival which is gathering much attention from both within and outside of Japan.

Theme of the 11th TGC 【Back to the Classic Future】

 TGC's theme of this season "Back to the Classic Future" is about "future inspired by classic elements" (looking back at the roots of the brands and expressing them for the future) − a proposition that incorporates the world's fashion trend for 2010 A/W, in addition to inheriting the style of TGC which has created over the years, so as to create a new page in the history. We expect to achieve a turnout of 30,000 visitors at Saitama Super Arena − an unprecedented number of visitors for TGC. Amidst difficult social conditions, TGC proposes not just fashion but also a lifestyle to those positive, hard-working girls.

 A wide variety of fashion categories will gather in one to present 4 stages of "trend" "elegance" "select" and "designers." Making full use of music and video, we will produce the best shows for each brand. Over 70 gorgeous models, the show will make a spectacle of the latest fashion for autumn/winter. We also expect to deliver contents such as music lives by popular artists, charity auctions and appearances by major celebrities.

 We are also planning many other events; beginning with our shows in Beijing next spring, we are considering expanding our activities worldwide in order to send out the fashion culture and girls' culture, which is so proud of, contribute to Japan's domestic apparel industry as well as regional economies. Don't forget to check out the TGC as we keep on juicing up.

THE 11th TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION − Program Overview

Date and time: Saturday, September 4th 2010 Doors open 13:00pm/Show starts 14:30
Venue: SAITAMA SUPER ARENA (see website for details)
Expected number visitors: Approx. 30,000 in total.
Target segment: F1 (women ages 20-34)
[Presale to members]
Reserved seats: 7,000 Yen (including tax)
Reserved/Arena area seats
General Admission: 5,000 Yen (including tax)
General Admission/Arena area seats
【First phase: Presale to girlswalker.com VIP (First-come, first-served)】
■ Tickets on sale between July 5th (Mon) 12:00 and 6th (Tue) 22:00
【Second phase: Presale to members of TGC email magazine (First-come, first-served)】
■ Tickets on sale between July 14th (Wed) 11:00 and 20th (Tue) 22:00
【Third phase: Presale to members of TGC email magazine (by lottery)】
■ Tickets on sale between July 21st (Wed) 11:00 and 27th (Tue) 22:00
【Sale non-members】
Reserved seats: 7,500 Yen (including tax)
Reserved/Arena area seats
General Admission: 5,500 Yen (including tax)
General Admission/Arena area seats
KYODO TOKYO 81-3-3498-9999
CN Play Guide 81-570-08-9999
Online Ticket Pia 81-570-02-9999 P Code 617-595
LAWSON TICKET 81-570-08-4003  L Code 38887
e+ (e plus) http://eplus.jp/tgc/ (PC/mobile)

*Presale tickets to members can be purchased at CN Play Guide or Online Ticket Pia only.

see website for detail
see website for detail
Programs: Fashion show, live performances by artists, collaborative shows, charity auctions and others.
Organizer: The Executive Committee, TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION
Sponsors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Japan Tourism Agency, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Cooperation: SAITAMA SUPER ARENA and others.
Producer: DRUMCAN
Copyrights: BRANDING,Inc.

The above information is as of June 23, 2010 and is subject to change.

The coverage application for the 11th Tokyo Girls Collection has been closed. Thank you for your inquiry.

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